Belt Promotion Test

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Kukkiwon Promotion Test

Our program is designed for self-learning purpose much rather than promotion, however if you desire to get certified as well as you progress, we’d like to give you an option to promote yourself under Master Woo’s supervision according to our online promotion guideline.


Those who are participating in our belt promotion program must be our Lifetime (Plus) member.


• 1st Gup to 1st Dan or Poom:1st Gup holder.

• 1st to 2nd dan or poom : Kukkiwon 1st dan or poom holder that has been more than a year since 1st poom or dan promotion.

• 2nd to 3rd dan or poom : Kukkiwon 2nd dan or poom holder that has been more than 2 years since 2nd poom or dan promotion.

• 3rd to 4th dan or poom : Kukkiwon 3rd dan or poom holder that has been more than3 years since 3rd poom or dan promotion.

• 4th dan to 5th dan : Kukkiwon 4th dan or poom holder that has been more than 4 years since 4th poom or dan promotion.


Online promotion guideline

★ Thank you for your interest on our online promotion program and good luck in your endeavor.

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Black Belt students will be provided:

• International Black Belt Certification from Kukkiwon (The W.T.F headquarters in Korea)

• World Tae Kwon Do Federation Black Belt photo ID card.

• The certification and ID card will be recognized in any W.T.F school in the world.

• Belt or and Dobok (Uniform) is not included.


Color Belt Promotion

Black Belt Rank Testing for

• Black belt registration fees which are required to maintain the Dan records and issuance of Dan/Poom certificates will be fixed separately.

• Shipping and handling for certificate is not included in registration fee.